Candles & Incense

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Various Essential Oils - R 30 each

6 different scents available as pictured. Vanilla, Rose, Ocean, Lily, Lavender & Sandalwood.

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Various Scented Diffusers - R 70 each

Available in vanilla, lavender, rose and cherry blossom.

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Floral Car Fresheners - R 65 each

5 different scents available - please inquire.

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Rose Scented Wax Melts - R 45 each

Perfect scented wax pieces for your burner.

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Floral Cut-Out Oil Burners - R 85 each

The candlelight will look lovely shining through the flowers.


Robot Sculpted Candles - R 190 each

3 colors available as pictured.


Tin Mug Candles Large - R 95 each

Available in Citronella, Vanilla Pod & Sandalwood.


Tin Mug Candle Small - R 55 each

Available in Citronella, Vanilla Pod & Sandalwood. Currently Sold Out.


Nobunto Large Pillar Candles - R 125 each

Various designs & colors - please inquire.


Nobunto Set of 3 Round Candles - R 140 each

Various designs & colors - please inquire. Currently Sold Out.


Nobunto Set of 2 Pillar Candles - R 90 each

Various designs & colors - please inquire.


Nobunto Set of 3 Pillar Candles - R 120 each

Various designs & colors - please inquire.


Occasions Candle with Box - R 190 each

Choice of 3 different floral boxes as pictured.


Scented Sachets - R 20 each

Available in Rose, Ocean, Lavender and Lemongrass.


31ml & 70ml Fragrance Oils - R 25 to R 70

Currently Sold Out


Rose Cottage Diffusers - R 80 each

Available in Ocean, Jasmine & Rose.


Scented Wooden Heart Hangers - R 50 each

Currently Sold Out


Incense Packs - R 15 each

More than 20 different scents - please inquire.


Wooden Incense Holders - R 20 each

Colorful wooden holders - lots of variety.


Ceramic Oil Burners - R 105 to R 120

Frog design and plain white with cut out as pictured.


Ceramic Oil Burners - R 110 to R 150

3 designs as pictured.


Owl Oil Burners - R 115 each

2 designs as pictured.

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